International Pesticide Research

The advantage of international collaboration is the two-way communication channels it opens, where research, knowledge and understanding can be shared for the “greater good”. There are numerous benefits associated with this, including:

  • The elimination of duplication by sharing research agendas.
  • Improving the impact and relevance of research, by standardising methodologies and techniques that enable comparisons to be made across borders and strengthen any findings.
  • Increasing research transparency and thus its global adoption.
  • The ability to adapt and implement the research findings from other countries that have relevance in South Africa, without needing to incur time and financial costs associated with duplicating the study.
Who's who in international pesticide research

CountryOrganisationDesignationContact personWebsite addressContact details
AustraliaUniversity of the Sunshine CoastForest healthSimon Lawson

New ZealandForest Growers ResearchResearch and Development DirectorPaul Adams

New ZealandScionPrinciple scientist forest scienceBrian

New ZealandScionPest management research leaderCarol

New ZealandTimberlandsSustainability ManagerColin Maunder

United KingdomForest ResearchPrincipal SilviculturistIan Willoughby

United States of AmericaBayerRegional stewardship managerHarry Quicke