Tumbleweed makes it back on the APL

From 1 June 2020, the Registrar has stated that NO Polyethoxylated Tallow Amine (POE-T) may be used in the formulation of glyphosate products and marketed in South Africa. As such, the TIPWG approved pesticide list (APL) has been altered appropriately, with the removal of several POE-T containing products.

NOTE: Pesticide stocks containing POE-T manufactured before 1 June 2020 and have a shelf life of two years – these must be used by 1 June 2022.

One of the products removed from the APL was Tumbleweed. However, confirmation from the manufacturer and CropLife SA is that this product is now POE-T free which has enabled us to add it back onto the list. Click here, for a downloadable copy of the most recent TIPWG APL.

TIPWG and CropLife SA are endeavouring to touch base with all manufacturers with regards to this. Be assured that we will keep you updated as we receive confirmation of the removal of POE-T from current glyphosate formulations.

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