Aerial applications, are you up to speed?

Aerial spraying (crop dusting) has been in use in South Africa for the last 90 years and is a popular method of applying pesticides and fertilisers, mainly in agriculture. It is a cost-effective and efficient way of covering a large area in comparison to ground-based application methods. The use of aerial application in forestry has become more popular over the years as technology has improved and one sees more aerial applications happening.

This begs some questions: do all the foresters know the dos and don’ts of aerial application? Can any pesticide be applied aerially? Can the aerial application occur at any time of the day? There are always dos and don’ts for every pesticide application but do foresters know them?

CropLife SA has compiled a comprehensive “The dos and don’ts of aerial application” that will assist everyone involved with aerial application. Click here to read on.

Photo courtesy of TWK agri
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