APL additions to meet COVID-19 obstacles

With the closure of many international borders, including our own, we knew the supply of pesticides would soon become an issue. With summer-rainfall catchment fire season almost upon us, it could not have come at a more trying time.

The importance of firebreak preparation cannot be overstated. As such the decision has been made to add a number of products to our TIPWG approved pesticide list (APL).

These products are ONLY for use during the 2020 summer-rainfall catchment tracer-belt preparation season and permitted for use until 31 May 2020. So please: only purchase sufficient stock for this limited period.

Paraquat-based products

  • Makhro paraquat (L7906)
  • FarmAg paraquat (L9059)

It is imperative that certificate holders/companies have the relevant derogations for paraquat use and MUST stick to the requirements set out by these derogations.

Glyfosinate-ammonium based products

  • Best Buy (L9134)
  • LifeLine (L10151)
  • Bound 200SL (9280) – on the previous TIPWG APL
  • Basta (L4872) – on the previous TIPWG APL

NB: these products are only available for use until 31 May 2020.

Glufosinate ammonium survey

With regards to the glufosinate ammonium products, we ask members who plan on using these to complete a short survey. Your input is essential so we can evaluate whether or not to register these products and active ingredients for use in the future. Please email Jacqui (info@tipwg.co.za) to participate in the survey. Thank you to those of you who have already completed the survey.

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