TIPWG News: The APL has landed

After many months of blood, sweat and tears – and we are not talking metaphorically – the updated Approved Pesticide List (APL), which takes into account Act 36 and to a degree the FSC® updated Pesticide Policy has been uploaded to the TIPWG website.

We thank you for your patience. As you can imagine, it has been a monumental task which encompassed a review of the current list, removing old products and those which can no longer be used under the new policy, as well as adding a number of new formulations.

The updated list has been categorised on the website in line with those pesticides that can be used in plantation, conservation and industrial settings (offices, fence lines, housing and roads) and those which can be used in nurseries. The downloadable version, found on the APL page, is a single spreadsheet, which many of you have been asking for.

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