Get ready for the member login

January 2020 will see the launch of the TIPWG Member Login Page – make sure your backstage pass is up and running!

Why a members only page?

The primary role of the TIPWG website is a communication platform, providing the latest pesticide-related news, information, research and legislation in an accessible format to multiple stakeholder groups. The website also needs to cater for the specific needs of TIPWG members, keeping them updated on working group progress and acting as a two-way communication portal.

Recently, we have found members are requesting information that is currently not on the website and would be difficult to house there: research catalogues, minutes of meetings and position papers.

Some of this information is simply too large and would slow the website down. Other items would need to be edited if they were to be placed on the website’s open pages in order to provide explanations and context for those outside the industry. As there is little need for non-members to access this information, it was felt that a member login page combined with a research database would be a better option.

What will I find on the page?

The member login page will provide access to the following:

  • TIPWG meeting minutes
  • TIPWG official documents: position papers, invitations to comment, formal pesticide-related documents
  • The new TIPWG/FSA database
  • TIP-mag archive – only the current issue will be published on the open website

How do I access the page?

On the TIPWG website homepage there will be a ‘Member Login’ button. It will take you to a page where new users will need to register. Once your new user’s details have been validated against TIPWG member lists, your username and password will become active and you will have access to the login page. From there, it is as simple as logging in and exploring the member’s only section.

Becoming a TIPWG member

All Forestry South Africa (FSA) members are automatically TIPWG members. You simply need to register on the TIPWG or FSA Member login pages for access to the member’s pages and database.

Not an FSA member? Contact Jacqui Meyer:

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