Spring is upon us!

Spring is finally in the air, or at least it appears to be on social media – with every other post celebrating the end of what feels like a very long winter! This has given us a great idea for Arbor Week 2019 – read on to find out more!

Every now and again a “buzzword” pops up, with which the industry becomes awash. Since the release of the new Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Pesticide Policy, IPM appears to be on everyone’s lips. (Perhaps because they are still too scared to utter the word ESRA, shorthand for the dreaded environmental and social risk assessment.) Read on to get a better understanding of both aspects and how they fit into the new Pesticide Policy.

While ESRAs and the new FSC Pesticide Policy have created some anxiety, it is not nearly to the degree caused by TIP-MAG. As our new online magazine which is still in the development stage, TIP-MAG has been a huge undertaking; yet we are more certain than ever about the benefits (and necessity) of having a platform where the industry can present and share pesticide research. Make sure you’ve subscribed to TIPWG’s mailing list to ensure you receive a copy when the first issue is published.

Glyphosate remains in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons, as do bees – who are desperately looking for a champion. Could forestry answer that call? I certainly hope so.  Certainly TIPWG is looking to do it all it can to promote the plight of bees and we hope other industries will take up the challenge.

The amount of junk mail that finds its way into my inbox is staggering, so it makes my day when something truly useful appears like the emails from Villa Crop. Tried and tested tips from those working in the pesticide industry are incredibly helpful which is why we will be featuring them in our newsletters from now on. Hopefully they’ll aid others in the industry, as well as inspiring companies to produce useful tit-bits that we will be more than happy to share!

We hope you enjoy this jam-packed issue; let us know what you think by emailing chairman@tipwg.co.za or info@tipwg.co.za.

Yours in all things pesticide related,

Roger Poole

TIPWG Chairman

/ Note from the Chair

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