Celebrate Arbor Month this September

COMMON TREE OF THE YEAR: Sclerocarya birrea Marula Maroela 

RARE (UNCOMMON) TREE OF THE YEAR: Philenoptera violacea Apple-leaf, Appelblaar

What are you doing to celebrate Arbor Month?

1) Social media challenge

If you are on social media, use it as a force of good this Arbor Month by banishing the selfies, cat videos and food shots and replacing them with content that captures the various faces of forestry.

It doesn’t matter if you are “Team Pine”, “Team Euc” or a “wattle lover”, let’s celebrate our planted forests this Arbor week by sharing them on social media. Remember, it’s not just the trees that have to take centre stage; spread the word about the conservation areas found within the forestry landscape, share the joy of a fun forestry pursuit, or show the world what happens within your natural office this Arbor week – making sure you tag @forestry_explained!

2) Do it for the bees

By planting a few bee-friendly plants in your garden, around your office or, with permission, in community spaces this Arbor Month. Check out the links in the bee article above.

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