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Welcoming Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to the TIPWG website

IPM is becoming an ever-more integral part of plantation management, and agriculture in general, with national and international legislation, as well as certification bodies, requiring chemical control methods be placed within an IPM framework.

As a sector, the IPM approach has already been firmly adopted with careful deliberation to ensure chemical control methods really are a last resort. This is illustrated by the number of key industry pests that are controlled using a combination of approaches.

We have been slow in promoting this proactive approach towards IPM outside the sector. As a result, there is still a perception that our sector is ‘heavy-handed’ when it comes to our chemical pesticide application.

We see this page as a chance to address this by actively promoting forestry’s IPM approach and showcase the resulting success stories.

We are in the process of developing this page and will be sending out an internal ‘newsflash’ once the page is live.

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