Teaming up with SGASA to battle powdery mildew and red spider mite

Powdery mildew and red spider mite are becoming an increasing problem in forestry nurseries, where there are currently no available control options. In fact, there are very few pesticides registered as per Act 36 of 1947 for use specifically in forestry nurseries, let alone complying to FSC® Pesticide Policy or SAFAS/PEFC requirements.

This saw TIPWG collaborating with the Seedling Growers Association of South Africa (SGASA) in funding a two-year project conducted by MSc student Ilke Opperman and supervised by Prof. Keith Little at Nelson Mandela University (NMU). The project will investigate the current registered pesticides and bio-pesticides used in agriculture that have the potential for registration in forestry nurseries. Before prioritising those suitable pesticides to be registered under Act 36 of 1947 for use in forestry nurseries.

The expected outcome is a suite of registered pesticides and biopesticides, suitable for use in forestry nurseries, that are registered as per Act 36 of 1947 and comply with forestry certification policies and TIPWG approved pesticide list requirements.

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