APL Application procedure

Streamlining the APL application process

At the end of last year TIPWG modified the process for adding new products to our approved pesticide list (APL).

Prior to this change, our pesticide experts were inundated by individuals and companies attempting to get their latest products added to the list. Many of these were not targeted for forestry, or were not compliant with certification requirements. As a result, the addition of new forestry-beneficial products was delayed, as such applications were lost in the deluge.

We have streamlined the process to ensure only products that will clearly benefit the sector are passed on to TIPWG experts:

  1. New products can only be submitted by foresters or forestry companies. These submissions must be made to the TIPWG chairperson or secretariat, along with the:

    1. Electronic label

    2. Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

    3. Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

  1. The TIPWG chairperson will pass these onto the TIPWG advisory body, which will decided if the product meets the basic requirements to go through the TIPWG approval process. Only then will it be passed on to the TIPWG expert.

    1. Foresters or forestry companies with products that fail this review will be notified of the reason(s) why. This can subsequently be fed back by the applicant to the manufacturing company.

  2. The TIPWG expert will then review each product application in accordance with the criteria laid out in the TIPWG APL infographic. Again, feedback will be provided to foresters and forestry companies regarding failed applications.

  3. Only once the TIPWG expert is satisfied that the product complies with Act 36 of 1947, quality checklists and FSC® filters, will it be added to the TIPWG APL.

  4. All new additions will be circulated to members.

These changes will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the TIPWG APL process, ensuring forestry-beneficial products that will improve productivity or reduce our environmental/human health footprint are processed faster and made available to members in a timely manner.

We thank you in advance for complying with these changes.

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