How quickly time flies!

Sitting writing yet another “Note from the Chairperson” brings home the reality of how quickly time is flying by as we are well into the second quarter of 2019. It must be true that as one gets older time goes quicker, or is it just me?

The change in season is evident as I travel around the KZN Midlands; brown stripes through the grassland where tracers have been sprayed heralds that another fire season is upon us, which leads me to my next point:

FSC® have once again surprised us, this time publishing the revised Pesticide Policy quicker than we originally anticipated. After a couple of read-throughs I have decided I still need time to digest the changes, so I will leave it to TIPWG secretariat Jacqui Meyer to share her thoughts on the new policy below. Thankfully the industry has a year in which to implement the new policy. This gives us time to take stock and then action!

On the international front, Bayer’s shareholders meeting suggests all things Glyphosate related have not cooled down. The decision of Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) to permit the use of neonicotinoids has surprised many, especially in light of France’s decision to ban them.

If you are looking for an interesting article, I urge you to read the “Biologicals” piece featured below. This seems to be the direction in which the world is moving, making the creation of the TIPWG IPM website page (currently under construction) even more relevant.

On the local front, I’m happy to say that TIPWG is now an Associate Member of CropLife SA. Read on for an introduction to CropLife South Africa and their role within the agro-chemical industry. As we’ve alluded to previously, a TIPWG magazine is in the pipeline – stay tuned!

Finally, thank you to those who attended the TIPWG feedback meeting in March and to Madumbi Sustainable Agriculture for hosting us at their premises in Hilton. Craig Norris delivered a great presentation covering the new SAFAS standard relating to pesticides and H&R Crop Oil gave an equally interesting presentation on their mineral oils plant in Durban and the future of plant extract oil for use as adjuvants.

As always, I hope you enjoy the newsletter and remember to send any feedback so we can keep making it better.

Yours in all things pesticide related,

Roger Poole

TIPWG Chairman

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