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Biologicals in crop protection – Are they better than chemicals from a human health perspective?

This article caught our attention, perhaps more so as we had been focusing on the upcoming TIPWG IPM webpage.

Written by Harry Teicher for AgriBusiness Global, the article debates the commonly raised question “Are biologicals a better option than chemicals?” Their conclusion: “Yes – by almost every metric, also from a human health perspective.” It is an interesting read for anyone wanting to understand how they came to this.

The glyphosate headache rumbles on for Bayer

Just when Bayer CEO Werner Baumann thought it couldn’t get any worse on the glyphosate case, the second of 13,400 pending US lawsuits against glyphosate was awarded a staggering $80 million. He was dealt a slap in the face when a 55.5% majority of shareholders voted against the management body at the company’s annual AGM. While the vote carries no consequences, it is a clear statement that disgruntled shareholders are not happy with the turn of events that have followed Bayer’s acquisition of Monsanto last year. For more on this click here.

What about the bees?

Canada’s pest management regulatory agency surprised many environmental bodies by announcing that three neonicotinoids will be permitted for use, although use will be heavily restricted. Many expected Canada to follow in France’s footsteps, being the first European country to ban all five neonicotinoids in an attempt to rescue the countries dwindling bee population – click here to read on.

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