Getting to know CropLife South Africa

In the light of newly released FSC® Pesticide Policy 2019, forming close ties with organisations like CropLife South Africa (CropLife) will become increasingly important.

CropLife, a non-profit association, is the leading advocate for the South African plant science industry and represent responsible manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of crop protection and public health solutions in the agricultural, public health and consumer sectors. Its ultimate goal is to ensure suitable and affordable food protection and security.

While we are still wrapping our heads around the finer details of the new FSC® Pesticide Policy, one thing is abundantly clear, our already relatively small selection of approved pesticides will inevitably become smaller come August 2020 when the new FSC® Pesticide Policy comes into force. By working closely with the likes of CropLife, we can truly understand the challenges and collaborate to find solutions to the impending pest control challenges we envisage.

Like TIPWG, CropLife is built on four pillars:

  1. Inform – hosting a wealth of information pertaining to crop protection, including some of the most comprehensive and up-to-date plant protection and public health databases, guidelines and industry position statements.

  2. Educate – facilitating AgriSETA accredited courses and driving continuous professional development in the crop protection industry.

  3. Regulate – liaising between government departments (such as DAFF) and the plant science industry to ensure compliance with and enforcement of Act 36 of 1947.

  4. Promote – uplifting the profile and brand of the plant science industry as a whole.

The forestry sector can benefit directly from the first three, and we urge members to get acquainted with the CropLife website and use their services. There is an abundant crop of information available!

One of the main reasons for TIPWG joining CropLife is to ensure we are on the forefront of any regulatory changes. By taking this position, we can warrant that the industry is prepared for any changes to legislation.

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