Publishing pesticide research – a new avenue

An issue raised by many involved with forestry-related pesticide research is the issue of where to publish one’s research. The practical nature of most research studies within the industry means they often do not comply with the stringent requirements of traditional scientific journals. This leaves many in the industry wondering how best to disseminate their findings and, as a result, countless studies are lost to the industry.

It is not just the findings we are then missing out on, we also lose the opportunity of establishing procedural standard and techniques that would aid in replicating studies and strengthening their findings. Then there is the issue of doubling-up, with different companies or institutes nationally and globally similar but not comparable studies, because they simply don’t know what others are doing in the industry.

Pesticide research is a vital component of modern forestry, enabling us to improve silvicultural practices and thus increase economic margins. It is also crucial in the quest to reduce our reliance on pesticides, especially those deemed to be hazardous to human health or the environment.

With this in mind, TIPWG has been looking into the possibility of producing a magazine for forestry sector to publish pesticide-related research that may not fit the stringent requirements of traditional journals and publications. More to follow in the next newsletter.

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